Glamour, Headshots, Senior, Family, Couples… I also set up a Traveling Photo Studio as I travel to different Quilt Shows and areas around the country – SAQA, MQX, CABS, IQA and more. Sessions start at $100

Making Magical Fantasy Photos is my passion. Taking different elements for lots of different photos to create a new setting. What a Great Family Heirloom to hand down…An Art piece of someone in the family. Fantasy Photo Sessions start at $300

I’ve taught Creative Quilting Techniques for over 30 years, so it is only natural that I expand my teaching into the Photography World. The most popular lecture “From Photo To Fantasy”

For 30 years I traveled the world teaching Creative Quilting Techniques. It was exciting, but my passion for quilting faded. I started learning about photography and knew that Glamour Portrait Photography was for me. I wanted to show women that they were beautiful. It doesn’t matter how old, their weight, height, etc. They all have beautiful within. It is my job to pose, light and click the camera to capture that beauty.

I also love creating art…after all I had been doing it for a long time in the quilting. Composite photography was a natural progression and I love taking parts and pieces of lots of different photos to create a Magical Fantasy Photo. The best part is that I can do this for someone so they can be IN their art. It’s a wonderful family heirloom to be handed down thru the family.


email: bonnie at bonniemccaffery dot com

Call: 570 840 25222