Painted Face for Beginners - Workshop on DVD eBooklet

"It's just like taking a class with Bonnie except you don't get the personalized critiques that she does in class." The videos are the same videos from the "Painted Face for Beginners - Workshop on DVD". Each step is illustrated with good closeups so you can see exactly how to paint each of the features. After watching all of the videos, you might want to collect your supplies (available on her website and watch one video at a time. The reference photo, guideline drawing, grayscale photo, and hair pattern are available online to print so you can paint right along with her. The link to the printable files is included in the eBooklet.

Video Links eBooklet


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VIDEO LINKS - PDF ebook with Video links include links to videos from the "Painted Face for Beginners - Workshop on DVD". These are unlisted YouTube videos for your personal use only. You must have access to high speed internet and your device must be able to play YouTube videos. If you prefer to read the book on a portable device and then view videos later on a computer or ipad, this ebooklet can be loaded on the device where videos will be played. 

©Please remember that these ebooks and videos are for those who have paid for the rights to watch them. Please do not share the links. Thank you.