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Painted Face for Beginners - Workshop on DVD VIDEO Links eBooklet

Students are amazed that they really can learn to paint a face on fabric. The secret is to create a guideline drawing from a photograph so you can see exactly where to paint each of the features. Bonnie shows them how step-by-step. The eBook has the same information and photographs as the Portrait Quilts book. The PDF version is laid out just like the original book, but the ePub and Kindle MOBI versions are reformatted to reflow in a portable ereader.

The Video Links eBooklet is an PDF eBooklet with linke to the same video that is on the "Painted Face for Beginners - Workshop on DVD". The videos are unlisted YouTube videos so you will need high speed internet access where you can watch YouTube videos. The video links will all play on computers, laptops, ipads, iphones and any other devices capable of playing YouTube videos. Please remember that the videos are a paid service and the links are not to be shared.

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NOTE: Videos are on an unlisted link in YouTube. You must have access High Speed Internet access and your device must be able to play YouTube videos.