Painted Face Handout

Painted Face for Beginners HANDOUT
(NO DVD Included)

This booklet is meant as a handout for Bonnie’s "Painted Face for Beginners" Workshop (in person or on DVD). It is a great reminder of each of the steps for painting the facial features and how to finish the portrait. This booklet includes:

•A color face photo, grayscale face photo, step-by-step reminder, base hair pattern, and finishing instructions.

Get a group together to do your own workshop by puchasing one Painted Face for Beginners Workshop on DVD for the group to watch and a Painted Face for Beginners Handout for each person doing the workshop. Play each segment of the DVD and paint along with Bonnie.




Check out the Painted Face for Beginners Workshop on DVD GROUP Kit - which includes a DVD and enough handouts for 11 students!